The Attractions of Sentosa Island Singapore –

Singapore can be one of the destinations when you visit South East Asian since there are lots of things that you can actually find here. This country offers lots of attractions to the tourist so you can create such an unforgettable memory about this country. Well, one of the attractions that you must have is Sentosa Island. Here is the entertainment center of Singapore which is near by Batam, Indonesia. The first thing that you have to know is Sentosa Island ticket price. Actually, you need to pay about S $ 84.00 if you want to enjoy all the things in this place.


Sentosa Island Accommodation that You Should Know

You can actually enjoy Sentosa Island Universal Studios where you can feel the way of entertainment. In this place, there are 20 attractions that you can have. You can actually enjoy the roller coaster and any rides. This place is completely suitable for adult and children so that you can even bring your family. The Universal Studio in Singapore is a branch of USA so you can have all the figures and characters on movie in this place. The children will really like it very much. Hence, it is good for you to have such thing when you visit Singapore.

In order to go to the Sentosa Island, you can even go to the official website. It is good for you to submit the admission first. You know that the admission is different from the ticket price. Those of you who want to know about Sentosa Island entrance fees, it is about S$ 4.00 for any age. Once you enter the island, then you can decide by yourself where should you go. There are so many attractions that you can actually enjoy from the morning to the evening. It is totally fun to spend your holiday in this place.

There are Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Song of the Sea, Dragon Trail, Sentosa 4D Matrix and so on. Each place has its own attractions that will amuse you so much. You need to pay if you select one of the places in this place. However, Sentosa Island provides the package which you can enjoy some attraction with certain amount of fee. The more you want to have the attraction will be the more fee that you have to pay. If you are asking about Sentosa Island opening hours, it is open from 07.00 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Komodo National Park Indonesia – conservativedigest

The Komodo National Park has been known so well as one of the most recommended tourism objects that you have to visit during your holiday. This particular national park is actually located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. This place can be showing you the distinctive views and nature that you will definitely love so much, such as savannah, beaches, rain forests, and so on. Then, it is also the only place where you can find the rare komodo dragons. Then, that is the main reason why this national park has been recognized as one of the World’s Heritage Sites by UNESCO since 1986.


The facts of komodo dragon national park

Well, when you want to have a vacation in Komodo National Park, it will be so much better for you to know about the komodo national facts, which one of them is that this national park includes three beautiful major islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Those major islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island. All of these islands and the other small island near them will not only be a great place where you can see about 2500 komodo dragons, but also a fabulous spots to explore. The wonderful and natural panoramas you find there will me your vacation I the park become so unique and fascinating.

Aside of that, Komodo National Park can also be the amazing place for you especially if you are a big fan of diving and snorkeling. There are so many stunning beaches that can be the best komodo national park snorkeling spots. So then, it is actually no wonder if you can find so many various sea animals and corals through the clear blue water there. Simply, the combination of all of the things on the beaches will definitely make you drop your jaw and fall in love with the place at once.

In addition, in case you really want to visit Komodo National Park, you have to make sure that you know the komodo national park entrance fee. There are actually numerous fees that you have to pay when you want to enter the park, which can be like the entrance fee (Rp. 20,000), local area tax (Rp. 50,000), rangers (Rp. 80,000 per group), the additional stuff fee, and so on. All of them are commonly paid at the office in Labuan Bajo. Then, you will get the ticket to enter and explore the park for three days.

Finding the Best Hotels in Inle Lake Myanmar –

Traveling to Inle Lake that is located in Myanmar might be something nice that many of you want to do. That is because this lake is totally gorgeous so it attracts many visitors all around the world. However, when you are leaving from Inle Lake Myanmar airport, you will need to find a hotel directly so that you can go to see its beautiful landscape while taking a rest on your lovely hotel room. However, what are the hotels that you can stay that will give you the nice services? If you are looking for the best hotel that can give you the best services in Inle Lake, then here are some of them.


Inle Lake Myanmar Hotels with Nice Services

The first one is Inle Princess Resort. This hotel is considered as one of the most beautiful and the most natural hotel that you can find around the area. That is because the concept of this hotel is very traditional so that you can get the kind of local taste experience from this hotel. If you worry about the distance to this hotel, then you will not need to worry since the distance of this hotel is not that far from Inle Lake Myanmar airport. Therefore, you will not take a long time to go to this hotel from the airport.

The second one is Inle Lake View Resort and Spa. This hotel is becoming the options for many people who love the beautiful landscape. That is because this hotel is located a little bit high up the hill, though not that high. However, because of that thing, this hotel can give you the nice view of the lake. As an addition to that, you will not need to worry if you cannot go to the lake because of the bad Inle Lake Myanmar weather. That is because you can still get the nice looking view from this hotel.

The last one is Inle Palace Resort. This hotel is considered as a unique hotel that you can stay at in Inle Lake. That is because most of the rooms of this hotel are floating on the top of the lake so that you will be able to see the lake right from your window. For some reasons, this kind of concept is loved by many of the people, but you will not be able to do much when the bad Inle Lake Myanmar weather is coming.

Best places to travel in September –

September is the end season of summer where you can feel the warm of the sunshine. The sun will not shine so hot but it is still lighter than the winter season. In this season also you can see how beautiful leaves started to turn yellow and fall freely. Many people want to know and feel it, so they choose to go to countries that have autumn season. Well, there are always best places to travel in September that will offer you a warm holiday of autumn season.


To spend many of your time with family or friends, you can go to some places that will make you comfortable in the destination. While seeing the beautiful view in September, you can get closer with the people around you. So where are the best places to travel in September? See the lists below.

  1. Greece

Think of weather in September, than it is suitable to be connected with the Greece. You can go to Dodecanese Island to feel the warm of the season. In this island there is Nisyros, the volcanic island that will welcome you to enjoy the Byzantine architectures in Patmos. You can head too to Calypso to go hopping.

2. Indonesia

Though Indonesia has not has autumn season, but you can feel the end of summer where the light of the sun feel warm enough. Indonesia can be the best destination at September. This country will serves you its best equatorial climate with lot of sunshine, and the ideal temperature of 25-30°C. It will make you see the true paradise in this country. To make your trip perfect, don’t forget to go to Java or Bali.

3. Africa

Zimbabwe will offer you the dry season with ideal temperature around 27°C in daylight. In the night, there will be cool breeze of the air that is suitable for relaxation around 15°. The countryside of Zimbabwe serves you the magnificent wildlife and nature. The other option is Namibia. September in Namibia means so many tourists that come into this country. You will see lovely sunlight and the temperature is not so torturing.

4. Turkey

Turkey gets warm in September. You can spend your valuable time here. If you go there, the coastal destinations in southern Turkey have so much better bargains. Even though it is crowded, but it is worth to try for you who want to have memorable holidays.

They are some best places to travel in September. This month is the perfect month to feel the end of summer with your family or friends. If you need the cheapest ticket , you can found at , that travel agent have tons promo for that months.

How to Travel the World for Free in 8 Ways –

Do you have a dream to travel around the world for free? Well, it is not just a dream at all. Nowadays, there are many ways that you can choose to travel around the world for free. But, you need to take a note that you should work hard to get it before you traveling. Perhaps your question is how to travel the world for free? Is not it? Well, there are 8 ways that you can pick as what you can do. First way, you can work in the Summer Camps which usually held in the United States. Well, these summer camps will be your great opportunity to travel around the United States for free. Usually, they will hire the young foreigners who like the taste of America and will hire you to do the job while Summer Camps going. You will not pay your money to your expenses while working there because they will cover it for you and you will get paid for it. After it, you can go traveling around the States by using the money from your job.


Second way in how to travel the world for free is you can work as a tour guide. Well, if you are communicative, extrovert, and have a big patience to deal with many people a full day, being a tour guide will be your best choices in traveling around the world for free. You can’t pay for all the expenses that you need because you will get paid from the one who hires you to guide them. You are able to traveling in wherever you want as long as your customers have same destination as what you want. You also will meet the people around the world and will have such a wonderful experience while guiding them. It is also your chance to make a friend with the people across the world.

Third way in how to travel the world for free you can find a temporary job in agriculture. Well, there are some farmers who hire the foreigners to help them in doing the agriculture job. As example, they will ask you to pick up the grapes in their farms and you will get the money for it. You can use the money for traveling around the city which means you will not get to pay for your traveling, right? Usually you will get the place to stay while having a job and some wine for your efforts in helping them.