Best places to travel in September –

September is the end season of summer where you can feel the warm of the sunshine. The sun will not shine so hot but it is still lighter than the winter season. In this season also you can see how beautiful leaves started to turn yellow and fall freely. Many people want to know and feel it, so they choose to go to countries that have autumn season. Well, there are always best places to travel in September that will offer you a warm holiday of autumn season.


To spend many of your time with family or friends, you can go to some places that will make you comfortable in the destination. While seeing the beautiful view in September, you can get closer with the people around you. So where are the best places to travel in September? See the lists below.

  1. Greece

Think of weather in September, than it is suitable to be connected with the Greece. You can go to Dodecanese Island to feel the warm of the season. In this island there is Nisyros, the volcanic island that will welcome you to enjoy the Byzantine architectures in Patmos. You can head too to Calypso to go hopping.

2. Indonesia

Though Indonesia has not has autumn season, but you can feel the end of summer where the light of the sun feel warm enough. Indonesia can be the best destination at September. This country will serves you its best equatorial climate with lot of sunshine, and the ideal temperature of 25-30°C. It will make you see the true paradise in this country. To make your trip perfect, don’t forget to go to Java or Bali.

3. Africa

Zimbabwe will offer you the dry season with ideal temperature around 27°C in daylight. In the night, there will be cool breeze of the air that is suitable for relaxation around 15°. The countryside of Zimbabwe serves you the magnificent wildlife and nature. The other option is Namibia. September in Namibia means so many tourists that come into this country. You will see lovely sunlight and the temperature is not so torturing.

4. Turkey

Turkey gets warm in September. You can spend your valuable time here. If you go there, the coastal destinations in southern Turkey have so much better bargains. Even though it is crowded, but it is worth to try for you who want to have memorable holidays.

They are some best places to travel in September. This month is the perfect month to feel the end of summer with your family or friends. If you need the cheapest ticket , you can found at , that travel agent have tons promo for that months.


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