The Attractions of Sentosa Island Singapore –

Singapore can be one of the destinations when you visit South East Asian since there are lots of things that you can actually find here. This country offers lots of attractions to the tourist so you can create such an unforgettable memory about this country. Well, one of the attractions that you must have is Sentosa Island. Here is the entertainment center of Singapore which is near by Batam, Indonesia. The first thing that you have to know is Sentosa Island ticket price. Actually, you need to pay about S $ 84.00 if you want to enjoy all the things in this place.


Sentosa Island Accommodation that You Should Know

You can actually enjoy Sentosa Island Universal Studios where you can feel the way of entertainment. In this place, there are 20 attractions that you can have. You can actually enjoy the roller coaster and any rides. This place is completely suitable for adult and children so that you can even bring your family. The Universal Studio in Singapore is a branch of USA so you can have all the figures and characters on movie in this place. The children will really like it very much. Hence, it is good for you to have such thing when you visit Singapore.

In order to go to the Sentosa Island, you can even go to the official website. It is good for you to submit the admission first. You know that the admission is different from the ticket price. Those of you who want to know about Sentosa Island entrance fees, it is about S$ 4.00 for any age. Once you enter the island, then you can decide by yourself where should you go. There are so many attractions that you can actually enjoy from the morning to the evening. It is totally fun to spend your holiday in this place.

There are Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Song of the Sea, Dragon Trail, Sentosa 4D Matrix and so on. Each place has its own attractions that will amuse you so much. You need to pay if you select one of the places in this place. However, Sentosa Island provides the package which you can enjoy some attraction with certain amount of fee. The more you want to have the attraction will be the more fee that you have to pay. If you are asking about Sentosa Island opening hours, it is open from 07.00 a.m. to 12 a.m.


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