Religion Trip to Batu Caves Gombak Malaysia –

Spending your time with beloved people can be lovable. If you feel bored going to the same place in your country, you can try to go outside and search for experience that is really different than your usual picnic activity. Going to Asian countries can be so much incredible since Asia is known for the richness of the culture. You can try to go to Malaysia to sneak a little the culture of Southeast Asia. Here in Malaysia, you will be offered by the many destinations that will never disappoint you. And if you have never taste the experience of religion trip before, you must go to Batu Caves Gombak Malaysia. Then what is Batu Caves Gombak?


Batu Caves Gombak Malaysia is a place of Hindu shrines. This is a hill which has several caves and cave temple. The cave is situated in the Gombak District that is 13 km from Kuala Lumpur. The name ‘Batu’ is depicted from the Batu river that flows through the hill. Batu Caves is made for dedication to Lord Murugan in Hindu beliefs. This cave is rich for Indian culture in Malaysia. This place is always crowded by local and foreigner. The age of the limestone that made Batu Cavessaid to be 400 million years old. Some caves in the location, in the past is used by the Temuan people for a shelter.

There is the Lord Murugan statue which stands 42.7 m at outside the Batu Caves. Under the hill you can see two cave temples that are painted by Hindu paintings and also statues. Going to Batu Caves Gombak Malaysia is perfect when the Thaipusam festival is near. When the Thaipusam is held, foreigners can see the view of Lord Murugan devotees that shave their hair to carry the Kavadi and dancing the Kavadi Attam which is the praise to Lord Murugan. This unique religion festival will add some of your rich experience in visiting Asia.

To go to Batu Caves Malaysia, you can use the KTM Komuter Train. Go to Kuala Lumpur Sentral to get this accommodation. Another way here is by going to Titiwangsa and use the bus U6. Or you can use taxi from Kuala Lumpur Sentral, but that maybe spend too much of your money. As Batu Caves Gombak Malaysia has so many attractions, this place is worth to try. Spend your time here, and if you want to spend more night you can search for hotels that easily found and the last tips for making your holiday more happy. You can booking ticket on and also get the cheapest ticket with tons promo you will get.


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