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Are you holiday makers who want to visit Kuala Lumpur? Are you wondering what to see in Kuala Lumpur in two days? Below are 2 recommended choices of what to see in Kuala Lumpur in two days which you can spend your day in in this town.


What to See in Kuala Lumpur in Two Days for Your Vacation ?

The first place you can see is Petronas tower. It is known as Twin Tower is located in the KLCC area, which is actually a very large shopping center in Kuala Lumpur. This tower is an icon of Kuala Lumpur. It was the tallest building in the world from 1998-2004 defeating Willis Tower in Illinois, United States. The most suitable time to visit is in the late afternoon and early evening. At that time, you can see the current state of the tower of light and dark. Around 19:00 local time, there are always dancing fountain shows at the fountain area, outside the building. To reach the Petronas Towers, you can ride the Kelana Jaya LRT from KL Sentral Station and get off at KLCC station. You will take for about 15 minutes and cost RM1,6. The next icon is Menara KL. As well as the Petronas twin towers, to climb to the top of course you have to pay, but if you just take pictures in the garden with KL tower backdrop , it is free of charge. There are free events at the KL Tower yard which are open to the public. If you want to go here, it can be reached by the LRT Kelana Jaya Line and get off at the Dang Wangi station, then walk for 15 minutes. You can also go by monorail and get off at the station Bukit Nanas, then continue to walk for 10 minutes. These places can be the real solutions of what to see in Kuala Lumpur in two days.

Then you can go to Country Mosque. As the name implies, this mosque is a mosque belonging to the government. It is usually called royal. Modern architecture with a lot of sharp corners on its roof makes this mosque different from most mosques in Malaysia. The mosque is also open to tourists, but they are required to wear robes. Due to its proximity to Dataran Merdeka since you just need to walk for about 10 minutes. You also can go to this mosque by bus GoKL. It will good choice of what to see in Kuala Lumpur in two days.



The Cairns Attractions and Activities in Australia – conservativedigest.com

Do you look for the best entertainment while taking a vacation in Australia? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to consider about the cairns attractions and activities. These particular attractions and activities will definitely be able to offer you the exciting and adventurous experiences that you will love so much. Aside of that, the attractions and activities will offered to you in many various options that you can choose. Then, do you really want to know what those options are, it is so much better for you to keep reading below.


The options of cairns attractions and activities in Australia

  • Water Sport Attractions and Activities

The water sport attractions and activities can be one of the best option that you can choose when you want to get the exceptional holiday experiences from the cairns attractions and activities. There are actually so many various options of water sort activities that you can choose, which can be like scuba diving, diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, rafting, and many more. All of those activities will allow you to enjoy the beautiful under water views in Australia. You can see the colorful pretty corals and fish that can please your eyes as well as possible.

  • Adventurous activities

Moreover, the other thing that you can do when you visit the cairns in Australia is taking the adventurous activities. Then, there are so numerous options that you can select like visiting Cairn Night Zoo, Bungee Jumping, jungle surfing or rainforest tour, discovering cairns, and so on. All of those activities will be very suitable for the people who always seek for the exciting and fun experiences during the vacation. In other words, you will not only enjoy the wonderful cairns in Australia, but also explore it so that you can find out the other amazing side of the country through its mother-nature theme parks.

In addition, there are actually some tour packages that you can select every time you want to experience all of the cairns attractions and activities in Australia. Those tour packages will be available for you in two different types which are the full day tour package and the half day tour package. In this case, all you need to do is to choose one of them that can suit your requirements and schedule of vacation in the best way. So, you can spend your great time by enjoying the exceptional cairns tour joyfully.


Several Best Asian Country for Family Vacation – conservativedigest.com

Holiday is a great time to spend several fun days with Family. If your kids are in the school break, then you can bring them to traveling and spend your holiday to another country. It would be nice for you to have the place that they have never visited in advance. Asia can be a good recommendation to spend family holiday. You can tell your children what they see on book with the real one. Here, you can find out several best Asian country for family vacation that can be highly recommended to visit. It makes your children completely enjoy the trip.


Best Asian Country for Family Vacation Highly Recommended to Visit

Here are several best Asian country for family vacation that you can visit:

  • Japan

Children like to spend the holiday in some exciting place. Japan will be a great place to visit as you can tell your children so many things about Japan. It is a country where most of the characters are from. Here, you can actually let your children to meet their favorite character as there are so many places that you can go. In addition, you can also let them enjoy the Universal Studios Japan which has different sensation so it would be nice for you to have it.

  • Hongkong

Hongkong is another destination where is recommended to visit. Here, you can actually visit the Disneyland Hongkong so they can meet their favorite Disney Character. In addition, you can let them to go to Madame Tussauds in Hongkong to see the famous ones in Asia. Another destination is Macau as the modern landscape is standing out now.

  • Singapore

Singapore has lots of attractions that your children can visit actually. It makes a family vacation get more fun to do. It would be nice for you to visit this country to enjoy all the things inside.

  • Malaysia

You can see twin tower in Malaysia as your family trip. In addition, you can actually visit Legoland which make the children feel so enjoy in their vacation.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia can be a good destination to visit. Bali and Yogyakarta can be good places to visit as you can actually teach your children about culture and many things in this country.

Hence, those are several best Asian country for family vacation which is highly recommended to visit. You can actually make the children have unforgettable moment spending the holiday in Asia. This is the best recommendation that you should have.

Japan Tourist Guide, What Travelers Should Know? – conservativedigest

As the travel expense is very expensive, many of you may consider that it takes you a lot of money to make your way there. Even though you have to set proper budget while traveling to Japan, however, you can cut some costs to decrease your expense. Japan is very unique as this country exposes you the combination of sophisticated country and respect for old tradition. Shrines and temples in Japan are amazingly beautiful. The food is also great. Enjoying the story about Japan in the past you can visit museums. Do you want to surround yourself with nature, then inner city parks can be a great place to spend.


Japan Tourist Information Travelers Should Know

Traveling to Japan, it means you have to source some information not only about its tourist attractions, but also how to enjoy the place way more affordable. Spending your time in Japan, you will discovers bunches of places that will give you unforgettable memories. But you know what the best thing of it? Some of  attractions  are free for you to enter. Though you can visit the paid one if you want to, but choosing free attractions will give significant impact toward your budget, in case that budget becomes your concern. Train in Japan is super fast, however, it is super expensive as well. But you can cut down the price by buying a one-day free pass ticket. Expect more affordable transportation cost, you can consider bus. Do you like cooking? Take benefit of it as cooking yourself you can reduce your daily expense, therefore, find hostels that allow you to cook your own meal.

Looking for Japan tourist information to know which place to visit in Japan, you can consider Gion district to admire old building with beautiful architecture of the past. Gion district is known as place where you can meet a real-life Geisha. Climb the iconic Mount Fuji is worth consideration as well for a mind blowing view of sunrise. Japan Imperial Palace should be your next stop to find out about Japan’s history and also its culture. The view around the imperial palace is so mesmerizing. However, you can’t step inside the palace. You have more liking toward a slow-paced environment, ensure to spare your time to visit Kyoto. Unlikely Tokyo, Kyoto which is former Capital of Japan, it is quieter and spoils you with fascinating gardens, and obviously the shrines.

Great Barrier Reef Travel Guide – conservativedigest.com

Great barrier reef is one among other beautiful places you should visit while you are planning your vacation to Australia furthermore if you are fans of snorkeling, and diving. Even if you are not, the awesome natural setting will blow your mind. Great barrier reef is home for about 900 islands and 2900 stunning reefs that will please you. But before enjoying the unique beauty of great barrier reef, there are things that you should know like how to get to great barrier reef, how to enjoy the beauty of the reef, when the best time to travel there, where to stay, and more– thence, you experience the place to your heart’s content.


How To Get to Great Barrier Reef And Enjoy Its Beauty

Traveling to great barrier reef, travelers will meet with two options. First, you can get there through airplane. International travelers who choose direct flight, you can consider to use Cairns. Whilst for domestic travelers, you have many options including local company that offers flight services, Qantas Link and more. Second, you can consider to take train, and this option is good as well. Keep in mind, however, you need to decide your starting point or it will be a little difficult for you to access great barrier reef. Speak of starting point of how to get to great barrier reef;

  • Port Douglas which caters you easy access to Agincourt Reef or Low Isle where you can experience breathtaking coral view and and crystal clear ocean water.
  • Townsville, this place is perfect for travelers who also diving fans.
  • Airlie beach that becomes great place to enjoy the beauty of great barrier reef with good accommodation, and
  • Cairns is a place where travelers have a myriad of options to experience great barrier reef even for on budget travelers.

Great barrier reef snorkeling and diving, it is one among several ways to witness not only the beauty of the reef, but also other marine creatures, such as, tropical fishes with different colors and sizes, turtles, and more. Scenic flight is another option to consider if you want to admire the beauty of great barrier reef from above. In addition, you can enjoy the mesmerizing reef through reef walking. Traveling to great barrier reef, the best time to visit there is within summer or it is also called as green season where you can experience its best beauty. Meanwhile, you better to hinder to travel there during wet season for the heavy rain.