Great Barrier Reef Travel Guide –

Great barrier reef is one among other beautiful places you should visit while you are planning your vacation to Australia furthermore if you are fans of snorkeling, and diving. Even if you are not, the awesome natural setting will blow your mind. Great barrier reef is home for about 900 islands and 2900 stunning reefs that will please you. But before enjoying the unique beauty of great barrier reef, there are things that you should know like how to get to great barrier reef, how to enjoy the beauty of the reef, when the best time to travel there, where to stay, and more– thence, you experience the place to your heart’s content.


How To Get to Great Barrier Reef And Enjoy Its Beauty

Traveling to great barrier reef, travelers will meet with two options. First, you can get there through airplane. International travelers who choose direct flight, you can consider to use Cairns. Whilst for domestic travelers, you have many options including local company that offers flight services, Qantas Link and more. Second, you can consider to take train, and this option is good as well. Keep in mind, however, you need to decide your starting point or it will be a little difficult for you to access great barrier reef. Speak of starting point of how to get to great barrier reef;

  • Port Douglas which caters you easy access to Agincourt Reef or Low Isle where you can experience breathtaking coral view and and crystal clear ocean water.
  • Townsville, this place is perfect for travelers who also diving fans.
  • Airlie beach that becomes great place to enjoy the beauty of great barrier reef with good accommodation, and
  • Cairns is a place where travelers have a myriad of options to experience great barrier reef even for on budget travelers.

Great barrier reef snorkeling and diving, it is one among several ways to witness not only the beauty of the reef, but also other marine creatures, such as, tropical fishes with different colors and sizes, turtles, and more. Scenic flight is another option to consider if you want to admire the beauty of great barrier reef from above. In addition, you can enjoy the mesmerizing reef through reef walking. Traveling to great barrier reef, the best time to visit there is within summer or it is also called as green season where you can experience its best beauty. Meanwhile, you better to hinder to travel there during wet season for the heavy rain.


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