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As the travel expense is very expensive, many of you may consider that it takes you a lot of money to make your way there. Even though you have to set proper budget while traveling to Japan, however, you can cut some costs to decrease your expense. Japan is very unique as this country exposes you the combination of sophisticated country and respect for old tradition. Shrines and temples in Japan are amazingly beautiful. The food is also great. Enjoying the story about Japan in the past you can visit museums. Do you want to surround yourself with nature, then inner city parks can be a great place to spend.


Japan Tourist Information Travelers Should Know

Traveling to Japan, it means you have to source some information not only about its tourist attractions, but also how to enjoy the place way more affordable. Spending your time in Japan, you will discovers bunches of places that will give you unforgettable memories. But you know what the best thing of it? Some of  attractions  are free for you to enter. Though you can visit the paid one if you want to, but choosing free attractions will give significant impact toward your budget, in case that budget becomes your concern. Train in Japan is super fast, however, it is super expensive as well. But you can cut down the price by buying a one-day free pass ticket. Expect more affordable transportation cost, you can consider bus. Do you like cooking? Take benefit of it as cooking yourself you can reduce your daily expense, therefore, find hostels that allow you to cook your own meal.

Looking for Japan tourist information to know which place to visit in Japan, you can consider Gion district to admire old building with beautiful architecture of the past. Gion district is known as place where you can meet a real-life Geisha. Climb the iconic Mount Fuji is worth consideration as well for a mind blowing view of sunrise. Japan Imperial Palace should be your next stop to find out about Japan’s history and also its culture. The view around the imperial palace is so mesmerizing. However, you can’t step inside the palace. You have more liking toward a slow-paced environment, ensure to spare your time to visit Kyoto. Unlikely Tokyo, Kyoto which is former Capital of Japan, it is quieter and spoils you with fascinating gardens, and obviously the shrines.


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